Mini Prints! Want a free sample?

Yes a free sample! I have not gone crazy. What better way for you to get know my me and my work? #insert emoji lifting shoulders#

Inking the world one illustration at a time! That is my motto

Plus black and white goes with everything right?

I´m humble that you have open your personal space, home, office to one of my little creations.

You will receive in the mail a minature print in black ink of one of my whimsical illustrations

My motto is to Ink the world one illustration at a time, so no matter where you live in the world you can get one of my mini prints! Just fill in the info below

Important Fine print: One mini print per house hold. I´ll wrap my little creation with all my love to make sure it gets to you in the best condition posible, but unfortuntely I can´t guaratee it. I´m not responsible for any mail loss.