Postcards,Mini Prints …. Want a free sample? Do you Love Snail mail?

A postcard is a great way to connect with family and friends. Plus getting unexpected beautiful mail is always fun!

My postcards also work great as mini prints, just put them in a frame and your are done!

Winter bear postcard

Yes, a free sample! I have not gone crazy!

What better way for you to get know me and my work? #insert emoji lifting shoulders#

Inking the World one illustration at a time! That is my motto

winter postcard

I´m humbled that you have opened your personal space, home, office to one of my little creations.

Now the Good part...

You will receive in the mail a regular size unwritten postcard, a premium paper of 330 grams weight. With a coated finish on the illustration side, this will help protect the front of the postcard when being mailed.

You can keep it, or write on it and send to a friend or loved one!

So no matter where you live in the world you can get one of my Postcard!

Just fill in the info below!

Winter Postcard
Winter postcard back

Important Fine print: One Winter Postcard per household.

I´ll wrap my little creation with all my love to make sure it gets to you in the best condition possible.

Unfortunately, I can´t guarantee it, I´m not responsible for any damage or mail loss.

The postcards will be sent out during weekends; it will get to you the following week if you live in the UK.

For the rest of world, it could take a few weeks to get to you, depending on where you live.

Keep on the look out for new designs!

envelope illustration