Why you need to add illustrated elements to your Brand

Hi, so in today's post, we're going to talk about why is a great idea to add illustrated elements to your website and brand in general. 

For me, there are 3 key points on Why

#1 Distinctive

First, is really important as a new business owner, or someone that is creating a new brand, to make sure that you incorporate illustrations because is going to make your brand distinctive.

Hand drawn illustrations will make your brand stand out against a crowded market because it gives that special and unique look. 

And since they are custom to you and your brand, they will reflect exactly you want to communicate.

#2 Personality

The second reason that I think why is really important to incorporate is brand personality. 

So definitely when you're creating a custom hand-drawn illustration for a brand, it gives that extra of personality, because you transfer those characteristics, traits and even feelings!

For example, if you are a brand that is into eco-friendly ways of living, a green brand which discuss a lot of recycling topics and things like that, you can transfer those characteristics in a more organic way with an illustration that later you will use in your website and social media. 

For examples like a small doodle of a recycling bin or a leafs and greenery elements into your brand.

# 3 Tell your story

Last but not least, people will get to know your brand, and what you are about. 

That's really important, and that shows when you incorporate those elements into your brand making it cohesive, reflecting, as I already mentioned your personality, but you also have the possibility to tell a little visual story.

This not only applies in the digital world, for example in your social media or on your website. 

But also if you have a brick and mortar, you can add the custom illustration to your packaging or in stationary, like business cards, flyers, invoices you name it the possibilities are endless

That is what I call a visual brand experience, it all about the details!

Want to know more about branding and how to incorporate custom illustrations into your brand check out HOW TO INCORPORATE HAND-DRAWN ILLUSTRATIONS INTO YOUR BRAND !

Until next time!