How to incorporate hand-drawn illustrations into your brand

Today I wanted to share with you an answer to a question that I get asked frequently:

How can I incorporate your hand-drawn illustrations into my business? or

How can I incorporate those hand-drawn elements into either my website, social media and all that good stuff?

So let's dig in!

The first place where you can incorporate those hand-drawn illustrations is in quotes. For example, on social media, you have a lot of people that use inspirational quotes as part of the message that they want to get out there.

You can have beautifully drawn frames to put your quotes in. And that will give you a distinctive character to the quote, which is not the simple white background, or a solid color background.

So it's kind of giving a more memorable element to your quote, that is going to match your brand.

On Pinterest

If you're on Pinterest and it's your main channel of putting content out into the world, you can do beautiful templates for all your motivational quotes.

For example, if you are a self-care coach or a life coach you can have beautiful templates to put those quotes in with, either in some nice rounded frames or square frames that are hand-illustrated.

Another great way to present that would be, let's say a floral wreath or let's say a sea-themed wreath and things like that, depending on the vibe of your brand.

You should use that template every time you upload one of your pins with a motivational quote, so you can get a consistency, first of all.

And also, with time, you get recognition. 'Cause people are going to recognize your brand or your pins because of those elements.

Those elements are going to make it more distinguishable, and people are going to remember that. That's one of the great things that you can do with hand-drawn illustrations.

Another thing that you can do, for example, now that we're talking about Pinterest, on your website, you can have a custom Pin It button instead of the default one.

For example, If you are a food blogger and you have a specific ingredient that you love as a food blogger or that is very common in your recipes.

Take chocolate for example if you talk about chocolate desserts, chocolate recipes, or how to cook with chocolate.

It would be great to have a chocolate bar illustrated as your Pin It button.

First of all, people are going to remember you, 'cause it's going to be visually attractive and it's going to have that Wow effect.

That is going to be something a really distinguishable element for your brand, and it's something that people are going to see as, very whimsy, very fun.

You're going to evoke a lot of feelings through that illustrated details.

The buttons don't have to be very elaborate, especially because of the size and resolution that you're going to need for that. But I think this is also, that's a really great thing to add.


On your Website

You can use hand-drawn illustrations for images if you have different categories or topics within your website.

You can use images as icons or clickable icons, throughout your website.

So there' is another great use for illustrations and you're incorporating another element that represents your brand and people are going to remember that.

There is a lot of flexibility in terms of the things that you can use to your advantage to extend your brand out

Give your customers that unique experience when they visit your website.

Last but not least are logos. Logos, of course, is one of the major visible pieces of your brand.

You can play a lot with the different ideas that you want to reflect.

And a hand-drawn logo is going to give, again, that special character, personality, and it's going to be more distinctive.

'Cause it's going to be custom to you, unique to you and your brand.

So there you have it a few answers to your questions, on how to incorporate or add hand-illustrated elements into your website.

Once you have it on your website you can also use the same elements for other social media platform.

on instagram

Also, you can transfer those elements, especially into Instagram. Now with Instagram Stories, you can use those elements with a specific template for your post.

Or the new feature Instagram Highlights, and other things like that. I'll be happy to answer any of the questions that you might have!

Until next time!