Illustrated Characters: Meet Bear

This is the beginning of a short story series. If you have been following me for some time, you might know that one of my goals as an illustrator is to be able to publish my first children´s book. And I hope the first of many to come!

So, I thought it would be a great creative exercise to write short stories introducing the characters that I draw.

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In this series I´m sharing all the ideas and thoughts that go through my mind when I draw each of them, I just imagine what they would be doing, what the would be like, where they would hang out.

It all started with Bear! Bear and Fox were the first two characters I ever illustrated. I always had a soft spot for bears. I think they are magnificent wild creatures.

When I was asked to draw an illustrated piece, Bear was the first thing to came into my mind and It needed a sidekick, so along came Fox.

Hope you enjoy these short stories, and let your imagination fly!

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Bear live in the woodlands, he loves foraging berries. He loves having adventures with Fox and the other furry creatures in the woods. Also known as the wild tribe!

He changes with every season as he becomes, well, a new kind of Bear.

He is courageous, love giving out Bear-hugs and he really enjoys a good party. Tea Party, Birthday Party! You name it he just loves to celebrate!

His favorite time of the year is Autumn when the forest changes its colors and becomes a festival of reds, browns, yellows.

Moon Bear, as his mom lovingly call him, is very curious and wants to know the world around him.

Here is a short timelapse of my drawing process, getting my illustration from ink and paper into a digital format.


I was thinking of recording a small audio of me telling the stories. Let me know in the comments, if that would be something you would like to see?

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