How to: Create a nursery gallery wall

Have you ever wonder how to hang all those pretty prints that you have in a beautiful art wall display? Take advantage of slow weekends to do a mini makeover, creating your own wall art gallery!

For all soon to be moms, a wall art gallery it´s a great way to decorate the nursery room. You can show your own style and personality by selecting a theme for the nursery art gallery. 


Choose a theme of colors, textures or scenery. For example, a Sea theme with blue color or prints with sea relates quotes or photographs of the seashore.

Another really playful theme that is really popular is rainbows. Also a woodland theme with trees, forest creatures, and all those beautiful earthy tones.

print with rainbows and crayons

You can use pastel colors to create a calm and relaxing environment for the baby and parents.

To help with their babies visual development you can choose a monochromatic theme using black and white,  this combination is very stimulating for babies.

Important safety tip!

Make sure your nursery wall art is not over either the baby crib/cot or baby changer to avoid any risk of accidents.

Use different sizes of wall art pieces to keep it more dynamic and you can also choose vertical and horizontal art prints.

Add motivating quotes in a nice hand-letter typeface. Mix and match illustrations, photographies.


You can choose to have everything framed in one type of frame or use different types of frame. Also, you can play with frame colors and sizes.

frames in pastel colors
art frames

Tip: Measure the amount of wall space you want to fill, to know with how much space you are working with.

Once you have selected the prints for your nursery art gallery, place the framed illustrations on the floor and have a play around on the floor with the layout.

baby nursery

You can place your favorite print in the center and start arranging the other complementary pieces around it. Similar to building a collage!

Tip: Use a level tool, to avoid any crooked art pieces. Also, you can use a pencil to lightly mark a reference point on the wall to hang your nursery wall art prints.

To hang the frames I normally use damage-free hanging strips, these are great if you later decide to change any art piece or rearrange your wall art gallery.

I have used command strips, they saved me from doing any repair from nail holes or any damage to the wall.

The Alternative

An alternative to a display your art in the nursery room is using floating shelves to place your framed art prints. 

Just installed the shelves as you would normally do and instead of hanging the framed prints used the shelf as a base, and lean the art 

This is a really quick way to switch around the nursery art pieces. Use layering, placing the taller framed prints at the back.

 A great way to decorate your walls, damage free!


So there you have it! All the prints and patterns will look great together on the nursery art gallery wall!

art gallery wall

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