It all started when...

A little girl with piggy tails discovered coloring pencils and paper.. 
Well, that is going to be a very long story! (not disclosing any age #cough#)

Welcome! So excited that you found my little creative studio, I´m an engineer by background (Say What!!! no way!! Yes! I am) but passionate creative by heart/night.

I´m kinda like Superman but the other way around, cause when I put my glasses on I mean creative business!!

I have two beautiful and cheeky little girls which are my inspiration. My illustrated characters have a bit of their personality!


Now that you are here, let me help you with your next creative project, whether it be a custom illustration or pattern design.

If you are an online business owner or entrepreneur, incorporating hand-drawn elements into your business will give potential clients a feel for what you are and what your brand have to offer.

 illustrated flags
 hand drawn illustration woodland creatures animals
 Flower garden illustration by Fox Bear & Me
fox and bear artist.png

I can help you to stand out from the crowd with my minimalistic style with organic elements, ban any design clutter! A Win-Win!

Make sure to have a snoop around, check out the Blog for great creative inspiration!

But if you already know that we are a match made in heaven check out my Work With Me section!